Subject Re: Replace character in Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
--- nikoskapa wrote:
> How to replace a specific character e.g. 'a' with another character in
> a firebird fieldtable using an update sql script?

Well, perhaps something like this:

/* replace A with B */
update table1
set field1 = substrlen(field1, 1, strpos(field1, 'A') - 1) || 'B' ||
substr(field1, strpos(field1, 'A')+1, strlen(field1))
where field1 containing 'A';

Repeat that while you have A's. Now, that's the most inefficient way.
You can also do it in a stored procedure or execute block, or you can
use STR_REPLACE udf from rFunc library:

like this:

update table1 set field1 = str_replace(field1, 'A', 'B');

Milan Babuskov