Subject RE: [firebird-support] Is there a way for a stored procedure to know its own name ?
Author Alan McDonald
> Dear all,
> I'm trying to find an issue that happens time to time (2 times per
> month) that triggers the crash of the firebird server. The server is a
> superserver, version 1.5.2 running on a Linux box. There are usually 5
> users working on 5 five different clients during the day.
> I have around 350 stored procedures. In my application, there are only
> few read access that are done out of the scope of the stored
> procedures. Last time this happened, this was somehow easy to
> reproduce therefore I found it easily.
> This time, I have no clue what could cause the issue and it is not
> easy to recognize which client has really triggered the error.
> Therefore I would like to insert a kind of debugging message in all
> procedures. I would call at the beginning and at the end a new stored
> procedure that would get the calling procedure name in parameter.
> In order to insert by copy and past a piece of code I wanted to know
> if the name of the procedure is available in any reserved word,
> built-in function or so ?
> If anyone has any idea how to debug this king of error (I can not
> reproduce the 'productive' activity on my test version...), I'm opened
> to any hint.
> Unfortunately I don't have the exact message found in the firebird
> log, but it is the same that I used to have when there was a data
> overflow. It just mentions that the server crashes and that it is
> restarted.
> Thanks and best regards
> Olivier

forgot another debug method:
set a debug value in all SPs
create an external table
use insert into external_table... etc
plenty of times in your SPs when debug value is set/sot set
when the server crashes, the steps after the last log even in the external
table are the reason for the crash (maybe).
external tables don't suffer from rollback so the entries are permanent.