Subject Firebird server crash every night
Author Mercea Paul
I have win 2003 server with FB 1.5.3 SS.
System works ok for 2 years now and in last 3 night FB server crash.
Proccess is running but not accepting connections. In firebird log I have:

WEBSRV (Server) Sat May 19 06:04:59 2007
INET/select_wait: select failed, errno = 0

WEBSRV (Server) Sat May 19 06:04:59 2007
SRVR_multi_thread/RECEIVE: error on main_port, shutting down

WEBSRV (Client) Sat May 19 06:30:27 2007
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10061

What could be responsible for this behavior???


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