Subject Re: High processor usage FB 1.5.0
Author Adam
> I don't seem to be anywhere near swapping at the moment. I've got
> 500,000k physical memory free. What's the best way to cache more
> data in Firebird?

Firebird.conf lets you set the number of pages to cache. You need to
restart the service for it to take effect. Changing the page size of
the database will also obviously cause it to use more. Be careful if
you are switching to classic though. You should use a much smaller
cache if switching to classic server as each connection creates a
service instance.

> >
> > >
> > > Is there anything else I can do? Is it worth me upgrading to FB
> > > 1.5.4? Or even 2.0.1?
> >
> > 1.5.4, definately (but not for performance reasons, it is a
> > maintenance release for bugs etc). 2.0.1 should generally give
> better
> > performance both with a better optimiser and smarter garbage
> > collection, but may be more of an effort if you have bad SQL in
> some
> > queries.
> Is upgrading to 1.5.4 as easy as stopping the server and running the
> install file? What else do I need to take into account?

Pretty much. I would uninstall first if changing between Superserver
and classic.