Subject Re: High processor usage FB 1.5.0
Author btrewern
Thanks for the info.

> >
> > So far I've turned off Hyperthreading, set the CpuAffinityMask =
> Don't play with CPUAffinity, you will end up making the problem
> Leave it at the default.

I've reset this back to the default.

> > tried to use gfix to increase the cache buffers(Not sure if that
> worked).
> As long as you don't cause it to need to page to disk (1GB is small
> these days)

I don't seem to be anywhere near swapping at the moment. I've got
500,000k physical memory free. What's the best way to cache more
data in Firebird?

> >
> > Is there anything else I can do? Is it worth me upgrading to FB
> > 1.5.4? Or even 2.0.1?
> 1.5.4, definately (but not for performance reasons, it is a
> maintenance release for bugs etc). 2.0.1 should generally give
> performance both with a better optimiser and smarter garbage
> collection, but may be more of an effort if you have bad SQL in
> queries.

Is upgrading to 1.5.4 as easy as stopping the server and running the
install file? What else do I need to take into account?

> >
> > Can I log long running queries?
> Not at the moment, unless you can do some client side profiling.
It is
> in the roadmap.
> > Are there any other settings that might help?
> Running classic server will allow it to use both CPUs. It uses more
> resources than Superserver, but if something is hogging the CPU,
> queries have a better chance. You can also see when a single
> connection is hogging the CPU, and if you are able to
> shutdown applications or services you may find a culprit, or at
> a point to investigate from.
> If your problem is garbage related, then a temporary fix might be
> (with no-one else connected) run a backup using gbak and the -g
> switch, then restore that backup.

Again, changing to Classic server, what is the procedure? Can I
just install over a previous version?

> Adam

Thanks again.