Subject Re: Cannot see Firebird driver!
Author Graham
Gerardo, I had the same problem recently, and have had this reported
to me a few times.

I can only fix the problem by both uninstalling the odbc driver, and
firebird, and doing a reinstall of both.


--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@...> wrote:
> Gerardo Lara wrote:
> > Thanks for the answer Ivan, I install too the
Firebird_ODBC_1.2.0.69-Win32 driver, since the problem, sorry, forgot
to place this comment.
> >
> Gerardo,
> There is a new version of ODBC driver, download the version 2.X
> Take a look on the ODBC-devel list, besides it's name, it's support too.
> I remember reading something about the driver not showing on ODBC
> control panel applet, but I don't remember the answer from the top
of my
> head. I am sure you can find it on the list historic. If not post there
> the question and I am sure you will get the answer.
> see you !
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