Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] Database file disk fragmentation
Author Alexander Tabakov
Hi Svein,

Don't get me wrong. I look upon fragmentation as a general
issue. I don't complain about anything specific. It is actually a "good
practice" which I am trying to implement.

In practice we did restore + defragment 2 or 3 times and there was a
certain benefit on some queries.

I don't want to argue whether fragmentation will cause or not performance
issues because it definitely will and the larger the database the
bigger the penalty. I just want to defragment the database the right
way :).


>Hi Alex!

>How did you reach the conclusion that fragmentation is the cause of your performance issues? Normally, performance issues are due to things like long
>running transactions (check the oldest transaction and next transaction) or queries using a non-optimal plan (these queries may or may not be possible to
>improve). I'm not saying that fragmentation cannot be the cause of your problems, I've just never heard of such a problem with Firebird before and wondered
>how you discovered what you describe.


Best regards,
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