Subject Re: CreateFileMapping failed on Vista using Firebird Embedded 2.01
Author mario.muja
Dear Jason,
thanks but this did not help me.

I gave the "Everyone" group the right to "Create Global Objects" but
received the same exception.

Downgrading to 2.0 was not possible, because this is not offered
as a download on the Firebird download page. I had to downgrade to

At least, it works now.

Regards, Mario

> Mario,
> I had a similar problem to yours, but was related to Windows 2003
> Terminal Server. If you look at this thread,
>, I
> propose a solution that worked for me. It relates to the "Create
> Global Objects" permission that was introduced in Windows 2003 and
> above. You basically need to put anyone who needs to run your
> application with an embedded database in a group and then give add
> that group to the "Create Global Objects" permission.
> This work-around should allow you to run 2.01 and above until a fix is
> ready.
> Jason