Subject Re: CreateFileMapping failed on Vista using Firebird Embedded 2.01
Author jasonw3877
--- In, "mario.muja" <mario.muja@...>
> Hi,
> I try to connect to a Firebird 2.01 Embedded database on Vista
> Business using the ADO.NET provider and C#.
> My connection string looks as follows:
> FbConnectionStringBuilder csb = new
> FbConnectionStringBuilder();
> csb.DataSource = "";
> csb.Database = "" + factTableName
> + ".fdb";
> csb.UserID = "SYSDBA";
> csb.Password = "masterkey";
> csb.ServerType = FbServerType.Embedded;
> When I open the database, I receive the exception "operating system
> directive CreateFileMapping failed".
> How can I solve this problem?


I had a similar problem to yours, but was related to Windows 2003
Terminal Server. If you look at this thread,, I
propose a solution that worked for me. It relates to the "Create
Global Objects" permission that was introduced in Windows 2003 and
above. You basically need to put anyone who needs to run your
application with an embedded database in a group and then give add
that group to the "Create Global Objects" permission.

This work-around should allow you to run 2.01 and above until a fix is