Subject RE: [firebird-support] Database for images
Author Leyne, Sean

> Sean Leyne wrote:
> <<
> I would recommend page size of 32KB, which would be matched by a disk
> cluster size of 32KB -- too truly maximize disk to memory transfer
> >>
> Is this possible? FlameRobin/0.7.6 doesn't offer more than 16KB.

Funny, IBExpert doesn't offer it either...

I would have sworn that FB did 32KB pages -- at least I remember working
with Mike Nordell on testing different page sizes (at the time I was
really hoping to support 64KB pages). I did remember that in testing
the 64KB pages died horribly.

I have just checked the FB v1.0 release notes and they only talk about
16KB pages. I guess our testing found that 32KB was "not a good thing".

This puts me in mind to re-try 32KB using the current v2.x code -- it
has been significantly scrubbed so it should be easier to track the area
were problems are encountered.