Subject Firebird 2.0 - Linux Server - F4 - Cannot start server - Permission Denied
Author dkoder2
Greeting one and all.

I installed Firebird 2.0 on a Linux [Fedora Code 4]. When I first
installed it worked just fine. However, when I rebooted the server the
Firebird server refuse to start stating 'Permission Denied'. The full
text of the message is a follows:

Starting Firebird server: runuser: warning: cannot change directory to
/opt/firebird: Permision denied.

The /opt directory permissions are root root. The firebird directory
permissions are firebird firebird. The databases I have created are
root <myusername>.

I didn't want to play with the permission on this server so I
installed firebird on another server. Again the install went
flawlessly and the server started as expected. However it to refused
to start when I rebooted it just as it did on the previous install. I
played around with the permissions trying to get firebird server to
start but I have had no luck. I have search the web looking for
information on the file permissions required for Firebird 2.0 on linux
but have not been able to find anything. If anyone knows what the file
permissions are suppose to be for the firebird server on linux I would
appreciate a reply.

I installed firebird server using the following RPM:
FirebirdSS- The server is an Intel 2.3G
with dual CPU's.