Subject 64 Bit 1.5.3 Crash
Author Branko Tanovic
I got this error and my Delphi application crashes
firebird2-classic-server 64bit

fbmaster kernel: [7083885.119131] fb_inet_server[12285]: segfault at
000000000150025c rip 00002aaaaac57478 rsp 00007fffffc82510 error 6
Apr 30 13:15:03 fbmaster kernel: [7084149.261611] fb_inet_server[12546]
trap invalid operand rip:2aaaaac57402 rsp:7fffffa49d8c error:0
Apr 30 13:18:14 fbmaster kernel: [7084340.942049] fb_inet_server[12349]
trap invalid operand rip:2aaaaac572fa rsp:7fffffb94de0 error:0
Apr 30 13:22:49 fbmaster kernel: [7084615.382587] fb_inet_server[12554]
trap invalid operand rip:2aaaaac57402 rsp:7fffff8f0b6c error:0
Apr 30 13:26:55 fbmaster kernel: [7084861.631747] fb_inet_server[12558]
trap invalid operand rip:2aaaaac57402 rsp:7fffff9f2e9c error:0

The problem happens when user try enter text field VARCHAR(30) bigger
then specified in database.
Any ideas why this happens only 64bit version.