Subject Re: [firebird-support] ISC_TIMESTAMP vs. Current Time
Author Kurt Federspiel
The data type of the field (in the DB) is TIMESTAMP.
That is the issue I'm having that I can't figure

I finally broke down an bought the Firebird Book
(online) and discovered I can CAST the field result to
a CHAR(24), but that does little to help convert the
TIMESTAMP to a struct tm or TDateTime (Borland C++)
data type.


> --- Ivan Prenosil <Ivan.Prenosil@...> wrote:
> > The double-quoted string is what is returning from
> > the DB.
> So you are storing timestamps as CHAR or VARCHAR
> type instead of TIMESTAMP ? Why ?
> And as you noted, quotes are not allowed in string
> representation of timestamp if you expect Firebird
> to do a conversion into timestamp.
> Ivan

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