Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error Message Character Set not installed
Author Stefan Heymann
One thing:

When I ran the script that created the stored procedures and triggers
I was connected with WIN1252 as the client connection character set.

Is it possible that the string literals from these procedures and
triggers are now stored as being WIN1252 in the binary procedure



> Hi,

> I am developing an application using Firebird 2.0, which is completely
> written in UTF-8. So the database has UTF8 as the default character
> set and the application is using UTF8 as the client connection
> character set (I'm using IBO 4.6.B - didn't migrate to 4.7 so far
> because of compatibility issues and we have a fair next week so I
> don't want to break my code at this moment).

> Everything is working fine when using a regular Firebird 2.0.1 server.
> But I am getting the error message

> ISC Error No 335544854
> CHARACTER SET WIN1252 is not installed

> or

> CHARACTER SET WIN1252 is not installed
> At procedure 'GET_USER_NAME'
> At trigger 'BU_ELEMENTS'
> when I use the Embedded version of either 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 (the
> situation is even worse with 2.0.1 Embedded). BTW, I don't use WIN1252
> anywhere.

> Is that a bug in the Embedded version? What can I do?

> Regards

> Stefan

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