Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB upgrade advice (esp. Client DLL)
Author Ivan Prenosil
>> One time the considered advice seemed to be that always keep your
>> client DLL version in synch with the Server - DB corruption could
>> potentially result otherwise.
> I am not sure about that point. Certainly if msg files got mismatched,
> you could get incorrect error messages that could cause your support

I have read this countless times on this list, but I am still in doubt ...
Messages in msg file are located using message number,
once the message number is assigned it should never change
(since applications can use these numbers to distinguish errors),
it should be true especially for the most common messages
(since their numbers are in use for ages, fb programmes would
have to be mad to change them), if the message number is not found
in msg file, then you should get something like "message xxx not found".
I still can't see how mixing msg files could lead to incorrect message ?
(except when mixing FB and IB)