Subject Union statement automatically adds 'DISTINCT'?
Author Paul R. Gardner
I have two statements:

Select [fields] from [Table1]
Select [fields] from [Table2]

The [Fields] are the same. Running them individually I get 39 records,
and 1 record. Running them together with a UNION between them I get 33
records. After some checking, it appears that what it thinks are
duplicates are being removed. I never specified the DISTINCT option for
the select statement though. Can anyone confirm that this is what
Firebord does?

I added a temporary selection field of
'cast('a' || PK_Field as varchar(10))'
and 'cast('b' || PK_Field as varchar(10))'
where PK_Field is the primary key field for each table, and it seems to
have stopped eliminating the duplicates.

I just wanted to make sure that I'm correct in my assumption of the
union clause. I'm using FB 1.5.3.

Paul Gardner