Subject Re: Using UTF8 Charset
Author L

thanks for the insight on that. I did a little searching on the web
and found an excellent site.

I think I will be switching to using Win1251 or possibly ISO8859_1 for
future new development as I will have Win32 clients and Linux based
PHP apps accessing the same database. I guess I could alsomigrate
existing db's with NONE charset using IBPump from existing db to a
new empty db.

- Lou

> Unless you plan to access your database from different
> you will save lot of trouble if both your database and your application
> use the same character set (otherwise you would have to deal with
> when client tries to read data it can't interperet, or when the
client tries to store
> data the database refuses). In your case it is probably WIN1250,
because standard
> Delphi visual components do not support UTF8.
> Ivan