Subject Re: [firebird-support] Using UTF8 Charset
Author Ivan Prenosil
> With my Delphi apps I have always used Charset of NONE with my
> Firebird/Interbase databases. I colleague has asked why I dont use
> UTF8. My response was that I don't think I need it. I am stil using FB
> 1.53 and will move to FB 2.x once latest beta goes final.
> Question: If were to start using charset UTF8, would I notice anything
> different in my applications? My application users are in the U.S.

Unless you plan to access your database from different applications/platforms,
you will save lot of trouble if both your database and your application
use the same character set (otherwise you would have to deal with situations
when client tries to read data it can't interperet, or when the client tries to store
data the database refuses). In your case it is probably WIN1250, because standard
Delphi visual components do not support UTF8.