Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Performance
Author Peter Turner
Just another observation.....on my Windows 2000 box, if I try to open
applications immediately after I've started the machine (eg. haven't
given the machine time to completely finish starting up), the
applications take a long time to start up (Outlook, Word, etc.). If I
allow the machine to completely come up, then start the applications,
they're up in a flash. (I'm a believer that if the message says "ready
to log in", the system should be completely ready - but I know it's not)
Maybe the scenario described here could be similar? Maybe give the
system a chance to finish coming up and then start the application.



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At 08:38 PM 26/04/2007, you wrote:

> > In your case, if your first query initiates the garbage collecting
> > process this can explain why it is slow and why the next ones are
> > fast (there's simply no more back versions (garbage)).
>Would FB scan to see if there are garbage for cleanup upon startup


>even though there isn't?

It won't know until it checks.

> By the way, I'd like clarify that the
>sluggishness only occurs after cold start of the machine. Shutting
>down the FB and restarting FB does not cause the sluggish response.
>So, it may probably related to Windows cache.

Remind us: what version of Windows do you use and what is the name
of your database file?

Also: how do you know it is sluggish? I mean, tell us what is your
first encounter with the database after the machine has been
cold-started. What is it meant to do, and what does it do instead?


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