Subject Re: Error on exit in fbclient.dll
Author mr_thomas_ellis
Hi Michael,

Check that you've got MSVCR71.DLL on the machine. I had a similar
problem and it turned out that the dll was missing.

Thomas Ellis
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<firebird@...> wrote:
> I have a Windows application that incurs an error in fbclient.dll and
> gives the usual unhelpful message about "Application has caused an
> error and must be terminated". It gives an offset of 00024413 in
> fbclient.dll.
> Of course, this doesn't happen on my development machine. Does this
> sound familiar to anyone? How can I find out what's going on in
> fbclient.dll at that offset?
> I'm using FB 2.0.1, Windows XP on my devel. machine and devel. server
> (same physical machine) and on the client workstations and Windows NT
> Server 4.0 for the database at the client site.
> Michael D. Spence
> Mockingbird Data Systems, Inc.