Subject Computed Columns
Author Hardy Sherwood
I've been advised by several people that database columns defined via the
"computed" options should be avoided. I've been told that they extremely
inefficient. I was advised that instead of using the computed option for a
column, I should store the result of the calculation in its own column.

This seems incredible to me. I would think that adding redundant data to
the database would reduce, not improve performance.

As an example, the application I'm working on has an account number that
consists of an office number and an "account number within office". Instead
of defining a column for account number and computed columns for office
number and "account number within office", I've been advised to create three
columns, each containing the corresponding data.

The database will primarily be used to generate summary reports that for the
most part involve all the records in a table.

Please let me know if this makes sense? Is it better to store redundant
data than to use the "computed" option?



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