Subject Re: Increasing memoryusage and decreasing performance
Author michel_messner
Hello Helen,
there are no other clients. The server is running local on the same
computer as the application. I'm doing no Commitretaining. There is
more than one update-query executed for different columns of that record.
When the machine is running there are normally only these updates
running on the DB.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> So...we have one single record in one table that is being updated
> every second with a completely new set of data (many columns) and
> committed. Are we talking about CommitRetaining here? Is this a
> multi-user system or is the machine the only client? If there are
> other clients, do they ever read or update that record? etc. etc.
> Have you ever played the game "20 questions"?
> ./heLen