Subject FB 2.0 50% CPU
Author red_october_canada
My FB 2.0 installation works great, most of the time. About twice a
week, the FB service on the server grabs the CPU and pins it at 50% or
more, slowing down my whole system. It stays in this condition for
hours until I stop the FB service and restart, then everything is OK
again for a few days. There are 2 things I need to know:

1) Is there a way to tell FB to stop doing the runaway transaction?

2) Besides a badly written query, could Microsoft Access using a
Table object over ODBC cause this same problem? My understanding of
MS Access tables is that if you "Open" the table, it will attempt to
pull back every single record in the FB table.

Rebooting to stop a runaway process is bad for business.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.