Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 2.0.1: Database corrupt under high load CPU load
Author Ann W. Harrison
mark_gebauer wrote:

> Okay, the DB was corrupt today once again (same index as always). I
> have removed the index now and I am waiting if it crashes again. The
> table is used to send messages (~20 per second) between applications,
> and after receiving they will be deleted - doesn't seem to be a good
> idea.

Not a bad idea in general, but a bad idea in this particular case
because of a bug in the index page release code algorithm that can
leave a dangling pointer.

> It's interesting that it's always the same index that get's
> corrupt. So the solution could be to mark received messages instead
> and delete them from time to time?
That's probably as safer algorithm under the circumstances.