Subject Connecting to Firebird 2.0.1 database via xnet returns isc_unavailable on win32
Author dianedownie
I have a program that will start the Firebird service if it is not
running. Occaisionally (usually following a system reboot) when I
start this service and wait until the service control manager tells me
the service in the running state, I receive isc_unavailable error when
I attempt to connect to my database using IPC/XNET. I was puzzled
because when I tried again, it would work just fine. I put a 1 second
wait and retry in the code, but that does not always work either. Is
there some better way I could test that IPC commuication protocol is
ready and so I know when a connection error is transient or persistent
(e.g. the database really isn't available)? I am guessing that even
though the service is started its possible that IPC communication is
not completely setup.