Subject UDF, Windows and FireBird 2.0
Author Marco Castroo

I had some UDFs that runs in FB1.5. I'm trying to recompile them to
FB2.0 in Windows platform. I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and
compiled with the fbclient_ms.lib library. The DLL was compiled fine,
but FireBird does not recognize it correctly with field data. A query
like Select mcUpper('test') from rdb$database works. A query like
Select mcUpper(User) from Users raises the error described below.

The function call is:

char* EXPORT fn_upper_c (unsigned char* s)
ARGLIST(unsigned char* s)

The error in log is:

MARCO_NB (Server) Fri Mar 16 15:48:50 2007
The user defined function: MCUPPER
referencing entrypoint: fn_upper_c
in module: mcudflib
caused the fatal exception: Access violation.
The code attempted to access a virtual
address without privilege to do so.
This exception will cause the Firebird server
to terminate abnormally.

Any help will be nice.


Marco Castro