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Author Adam
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> Hello,
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> > > > You can only get users logged in into a specific database
> > > > by using the Services API.
> > >
> > > This means that one cannot also get thelist of all the databases
> > > present on the DataServer (this is separate computer).
> >
> > Correct, Firebird doesn't know about datafiles unless
> > you tell it to attach to them.
> >
> In MS SQL (Which I have used once very extensively) I am used to this
> feature. We get the complete list of all the database present on the
> server.
> Looking from another angle this is good thing.
> BTW where does FB store its data files on the server?

Q: Where does Excel store its spreadsheets?
A: Wherever you want to store them.

The connection strings can either look like this


or the more recommended usage of aliases.


And then the connection string looks like


Again, Firebird does not care where you want to put the database
unless you choose use the DatabaseAccess setting in firebird.conf
(Read the comments in Firebird.conf for details).