Subject fb_inet_server segfaulting on amd64
Author Michael Weissenbacher
Hi List,
I have a server where i see the following messages sporadically (about
5-10 times per day):
*** snip ***
Apr 16 12:11:17 fbserver fb_inet_server[4061]: segfault at
fffffffffffffffa rip 00002ba98273c8f1 rsp 00007fff286802a0 error 6
Apr 16 13:40:21 fbserver fb_inet_server[4555]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff4 rip 00002b583f900875 rsp 00007fff6b4be400 error 4
Apr 16 19:51:08 fbserver fb_inet_server[3252]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff9 rip 00002ab7419e48f1 rsp 00007fff693d98d0 error 6
Apr 17 01:12:28 fbserver fb_inet_server[5249]: segfault at
0000000000000001 rip 00002aded8ce3640 rsp 00007fffd20da740 error 4
Apr 17 09:28:22 fbserver fb_inet_server[13186]: segfault at
0000000000000000 rip 00002b4f6150bfbc rsp 00007fff498b5c50 error 4
Apr 17 09:48:32 fbserver fb_inet_server[21595]: segfault at
0000000000000000 rip 00002b9506f41fbc rsp 00007fffa3e80210 error 4
Apr 17 17:50:59 fbserver fb_inet_server[23229] general protection
rip:2b6dea072b4b rsp:7fffc0d4a5d0 error:0
Apr 17 19:34:30 fbserver fb_inet_server[9060]: segfault at
fffffffffffffffa rip 00002b2f8901bf62 rsp 00007fff21d9bdd0 error 6
Apr 17 20:26:47 fbserver fb_inet_server[32533]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff9 rip 00002b20fe9c2f62 rsp 00007fffac3f1890 error 6
Apr 17 22:30:13 fbserver fb_inet_server[32700]: segfault at
000000000001fff4 rip 00002aac02e6cee6 rsp 00007fffa7f49b40 error 4
Apr 17 22:57:50 fbserver fb_inet_server[562]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff9 rip 00002b5ae4916f62 rsp 00007fffc649d4e0 error 6
Apr 17 23:14:14 fbserver fb_inet_server[1214]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff9 rip 00002aabe9af0f62 rsp 00007fffc12c6320 error 6
Apr 18 04:24:49 fbserver fb_inet_server[6226]: segfault at
fffffffffffffff9 rip 00002ba9f8218598 rsp 00007fffb2b5fa70 error 6
*** snip ***

Other than that, the server seems to work without problems. I haven't
been able to catch any problems related to these segfaults. I also
haven't seen any database corruption.

Here are the system details:
- Dual Xeon Model 4 3.2GHz
- Hyperthreading enabled
- Gentoo Linux 2006.1 for AMD64
- CFLAGS="-O2 -march=nocona -pipe"
- 350GB RAID-5, filesystem ext3

I'm running Firebird 2.0.1 Classic. I've tried both with my
self-compiled version (Firebird- and the precompiled
version (FirebirdCS- which both produced the same

I am pretty sure that the hardware is ok, it's server-class hardware and
I've never had any other process segfaulting.

Is there anything to worry about or is this normal?