Subject Re: [firebird-support] Safe to run all workstations from a central MyClientApp.exe & fbclient.dll ?
Author Woody
From: "mlq97" <mlq@...>
>I initially had a separate MyClientApp.exe & fbclient.dll installed on
> each workstation on our network. Although this arrangement minimises
> network traffic when starting the app, it is a real pain to have to
> copy updated versions of MyClientApp.exe to each workstation each time
> I create enhancements (which is frequently).

You should start thinking about an automatic update procedure so that you
don't have to visit each station every time there is an update. There are
several ways to easily accomplish this. All my programs consist of a main
program and a small loader program. All the loader program does is check a
network setup location to see if there is an updated program. If there is,
it copies it to the workstation automatically and then runs the main
program. The main program, also, checks for the existence of a new loader
program. If there is one, it copies that so the next time the program is
run, everything is updated. The desktop/startmenu shortcut, of course, must
point to the loader program.

IMO, it is a simple problem to overcome.

As to the central location running from a network, everything should work
fine AFAIK.

Woody (TMW)