Subject Re: [firebird-support] Safe to run all workstations from a central MyClientApp.exe & fbclient.dll ?
Author Stefan Heymann

we're doing this on all our customers' sites and it works great. All
they have to do is set a link from the desktop or Start menu to our
application's exe file. No client-side alias confugurations, no client
driver installation, no nothing. That's why I *love* Firebird :-)

(Some of the administrators wonder how it's all possible - compared to
what they're used to from Microsoft and Oracle, it's nearly too good
to be true :-))

The only problem is when you want to exchange the Exe file with a
newer version: All users have to quit, which can become difficult on
large installations.

I don't see how this should affect data integrity, it's just where the
executable code comes from: a local hard disk or a network share. The
data connection to the database is the same.



> I initially had a separate MyClientApp.exe & fbclient.dll installed on
> each workstation on our network. Although this arrangement minimises
> network traffic when starting the app, it is a real pain to have to
> copy updated versions of MyClientApp.exe to each workstation each time
> I create enhancements (which is frequently).

> So I have shared a directory on the server and placed one copy of
> MyClientApp.exe & fbClient.dll there for all the workstations to run.
> This way I only need to update the MyClientApp.exe once.

> Other than more network traffic and slightly slower App startup time,
> is there any particular risk to doing this from a data integrity point
> of view?

> Thanks

> Mitch