Subject Advice: BLOB or VARCHAR?
Author Fulvio Senore
Hello to everybody.

I am designing a table that will contain a lot of rows. Each row will
have a "NOTES" column, that will contain user notes about that row. I
think that I will allow a maximum size of about 1000 bytes in that column.

I expect that most users will not use the NOTES column at all, and those
that will use it will only put some text in a very low number of rows.

In the end most rows will have a NULL value in the NOTES column.

My problem is: is it better to use a BLOB or a VARCHAR data type for the
NOTES column? Is there any reason to prefer one solution to the other?
Using a VARCHAR looks like a simpler solution, but does it have drawbacks?

Thanks in advance.

Fulvio Senore