Subject XML Strategy
Author martinthrelly
hi there. im building a .NET application with a Firebird 1.5 backend.
the application in question needs to persist security configurations
on a per role basis. these security settings come in many different
flavours. e.g. access rights to modules, visibility/enabled status of
individual controls, filtering of data based on permission levels, etc.

ive thought about creating Tables to store this information. i could
pull it off, but the security configs are so varied in nature that i
thought a document format would be a much more suitable vessel.

the problem with XML is that i will still want to store it in the
database for security reasons. i am considering keeping this nice and
simple. i could store my XML data inside a BLOB field. then i could
simply load my security based XML when the application is first
launched then just keep it in memory.

my only concern is about the robustness, performance and general good
practice aspect of storing XML in BLOBS like this. im thinking should
be fine. just wanting to double check with you guys. thanks.