Subject Vista embedded Firebird 2.0.1 permission problem
Author nozicleltd
Hi There,

We've struck an issue on Vista which we've duplicated on two machines.
As a normal user, running isql with the embedded dlls always returns
the error 'operation system directive CreateFileMapping failed access
is denied' when trying to connect. When isql is run as administrator
it works fine. The same thing happens with our app - run as normal
user returns the error, but administrator is fine. Firebird 1.5.3
works ok for normal user, so it seems a specific 2.0.1/Vista problem.
It also works ok if using the embedded dlls but connecting to the
database through a server. Is there a setting somewhere that gets
around this issue. We cannot upgrade to 2.0.1 until we find a solution.

Regards and Thanks in advance,