Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running out of database!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> We have a series of severs that are each running Tomcat, and load
> balanced through Apache. They all share the same firebird database on
> a dedicated machine on the backend - v1.5. We initially started with
> SuperServer, but had stability and other problems with that, so we
> switched to Classic. Each server uses a db connection pool with
> approx 30 connections.
> When we scale up, we seem to hit a wall at around 7 servers, where the
> database machine cannot keep up.
> Can anyone suggest ways that we can get around this issue? Does
> anyone have experience with some of the other "commercial" dbs -
> Oracle/Sql Server etc.? Would switching to one of these likely help us?

Perhaps you are running out of memory and therefore the OS needs to swap
to disk due to a too high page buffers value for your database when
switching from Super to Classic Server?

Just a wild guess.

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