Subject Re: Charsets and searching
Author L

Hi! Thank for the reply. I am currently developing against Firebird
1.5 an will eventually move to Firebird 2.01, though I may just wait
for 2.1.

I am going to not consider Spanish characters for the time being, just
english. I can deal with Spanish later. For a web app I am doing, it
would be nice to support both languages, but then again the whole case
insensitive search thing may be out the window and users will only
have case sensitive search.

An associate who is a PHP developer suggest that I just user UTF-8
becuase that is what he defaults Postgres databases to . I have
never really looked into Unicode character sets, though I have looked
at Postgres (am very happy to stick to Firebird for my apps).

Anyway, I am off to enjoy my Easter Sunday.

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 09:28 AM 8/04/2007, you wrote:
> >I have always chose "NONE" as my default Charset when creating
> >Interbase/Firebird databases. Is it possible to do case insensitive
> >searches?
> No. NONE has no knowledge of upper-lower case mappings other than
> for the 26 ASCII alphabetic character pairs. To do case-insensitive
> searching even on these pairs you need to coerce the search using
> >Must I switch to a character set to make this happen? My
> >applications are for English and Spanish users.
> You need both a character set AND at least one locale-specific
> collation for Spanish. For case-insensitive searching you need an
> index on the searched column that includes a case-insensitive
> collation in its attributes. A collation applies to a specific
> character set, i.e. you can't, for example, apply a case-insensitive
> collation for Spanish to charset NONE.
> You can't "switch" to another character set. There's a bit more to
> it than that. ;-)
> > I am developing
> >client apps with Delphi on Win32 and PHP for Win32 and Linux servers.
> What version of Firebird?
> ./heLen