Subject Re: MySQL Migration Trigger Issue
Author federonline
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> Kurt,
> > > > I have data going into the Data table, but
> > > > new_data is not being updated. Since there is no
> > > > dirty read,
> > >
> > > Do note, that your trigger is set to fire on UPDATE,
> > > not INSERT.
> >
> > Oh, please....that was pathetic.
> I don't follow? Was this the issue?
> > Thanks to everyone that helped!!!
> If the above wasn't the issue, please explain how you solved
> it.
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My trigger was an ON UPDATE trigger, and I needed an ON INSERT
trigger. I completely missed the fact that the trigger was created on
the wrong action, looked it over 100 times (it is named as an
T_NEWDATA_UPDATE), and asked for help as to why the ON UPDATE trigger
never fired on the INSERT statements...

I recreated the trigger as ON INSERT OR UPDATE and everything is fine.

I sent another note regarding a comment I made and will clarify it
here again. The Comment, "Oh, please...that's pathetic..." was meant
at myself (and one other) for migrating the trigger incorrectly,
asking for help, and realizing after the fact that, had we check each
other's work, we likely did not need help.

The help was right on target, and I really appreciate it. I also
forgot the Web is not an English-Only club and should have been more
careful in choosing my words. Again, I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.