Subject Accessible database all of a sudden gives -904 error Unsuccessful execution caus
Author Bhavbhuti Nathwani
Hi all

I am developing an application in VFP with FB as the backend. My
development machine is W2K with FB running as a service. For testing
purposes I am using a W98 machine with FB running under the Guardian
and visible in the System Tray, to work as a server for the database.

I am regularly developing and then all of a sudden I cannot access the
database in application, so I tried to access the database using
FlameRobin and I get the message as pasted below.

I am able to access the hardisk of the serving computer successfully
so I guess the LAN in itself is working okay.

Please advise.

Error Connecting to Database
*** IBPP::SQLException ***
Context: Database::Connect
Message: isc_attach_database failed

SQL Message : -904
Unsuccessful execution caused by an unavailable resource.

Engine Code : 335544375
Engine Message :
unavailable database