Subject odd issue with firebird
Author C.J.

I am hoping you can assist me with a question I have with
the firebird database v1.5.

I am using delphi 7 and while building the interface (ibx)
I noticed a issue with being able to return the entire
result set (only 15 rows) to the delphi components.

I noticed that one specific row would not return. It is a
simple query and does not have any filtering, grouping or
ordering. If I use IBEasy+ to acces the database and run
the same query, I can see the record listed in the result
set. It does look out of order but it is there.

I tried many things to resolve this, but the final solution
was to export the database, then drop the table and rebuild
it with the exported data and structure. Once this was
done, the same exact query that would not return the one
record, now returns all of them as expected.

I have been on the devshed forum for firebird and everyone
is saying it is not firebird that is at fault. But I
suspect there was a issue with the metadata and the
possibility it was corrupted. As you have written a fine
book and have great knowledge on the subject, is there
anything you can think of that may be a cause of such a

Thank You Kindly
Christopher A. Jokinen