Subject Re: FBv1.53 customer moved to Win2003 server = big slowdown
Author simonbenedicic

I think the problem is somewhere in networking ... check firewall
settings on server. Also if you changed the server and you are using
switch (not hub) then you should reset it. I noticed also, that full
duplex on clients can cause slowdown.

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--- In, "tickerboo2002" <egroup@...>
> A customer has moved server from an XP machine to a a super-duper
> Win2003 PC and is experiencing big query slow downs.
> Details:
> Win2003 R2, two dual core Xeons, 4GB ram, database installed on a raid
> 5 disk array.
> Running FBv1.53 SS as a service+guardian.
> CPU Affinity=1.
> No virus checker running
> 1 database (.fdb ext) around 35MB in size.
> The local protocol doesn't work, I need to add "localhost" to all
> gbak/gsec usage.
> The users (3 of them) are experiencing a slowdown when when moving
> from screen to screen (which fires off queries). These queries
> previously had sub-second response times on the XP PC, but now take
> anywhere between 10-60 seconds depending on the query.
> At first, it seemed as though there were no indexes, so I performed a
> back-up and restore (that does rebuild the indexes doesn't it?). No
> change.
> Any further suggestions?
> David