Subject Re: [firebird-support] Index Caching
Is it possible to see what is in a cache? Some kind of stats to see how
the cache is working? Memory map? etc.

Ann W. Harrison napisaƂ(a):
> slalom91 wrote:
>> Can someone please explain how indices are cached and how long they
>> remain in the cache of FB2 Superserver?
> As Alexander Benson Smith said, there is a single page cache that
> holds data pages, index pages, and "structural" pages like transaction
> pages, space management pages, the header page, etc. When all space
> in the cache is in use and someone needs a new page, the least recently
> used page in the cache is overwritten. I vaguely remember an additional
> check that keeps pages that have been changed in cache longer, because
> they must be written to disk, not just overwritten. An inactive
> database will keep pages in cache longer than an active one.
> Increasing the size of the cache will probably help.
> Regards,
> Ann