Subject Re: New to Firebird, using Interbase 6 documentation
Author jeff_j_dunlap
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...>
> At 10:12 AM 17/02/2007, you wrote:
> >I'm new to SQL and decided to use Firebird 2.0. Finding
> >documentation on how to do things has not been easy. I downloaded
> >some Interbase 6 users manuals in PDF format to help me figure out
> >how to create select statements and procedures. Are there users
> >manuals specific to Firebird?
> Yes. The release notes for the three major releases - you can pick
> these up from the Documentation area. These "accumulate" on top of
> the IB 6 PDF docs. For the newbie, study the Quick Start Guide
> that's installed in the ../doc subdirectory under the Firebird
> root...Fb 2 release notes are there also.
> Or, if you are prepared to pay, you can get The Firebird Book, in
> hard copy or PDF format, takes you up as far as 1.5 and the Fb 2.0
> release notes will fill in the new bits until the Fb 2.0 supplement
> for TFB is available in about 2-3 weeks.
> There are a few low-cost offerings at in the used and
> section from here:
> (plus a few high-cost ones too: several selling it at much higher
> than the RRP!!)
> New to SQL - search for on-line tutorials for DML (data
> language) and DDL (data definition language). Firebird is highly
> compliant with the ISO standards. But be aware that procedure
> languages are vendor-specific, not standardised in any way.
> ./heLen

Thank you for responding. I'll be getting the book soon.