Subject Re: how can we convert a Interbase 7.5 database back to Firebird
Author HKlemt
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> When we try to restore from a backup created by Interbase 7.5 GBAK it
> gets to restoreing the first stored procceedure before it dies.
> If we try to backup a Interbase 7.5 database using GBAK from Firebird
> 1.5 or 2 or even the Interbase 6 they get no where.
> We are coming to a real road block here
> Has any one done this before?

very often, typically using this way possible in ibexpert:

extract the metadata of your current ib75 database with all data incl
blobs (if it is a one time job, you can do it in the IBExpert IDE with
some mouseclicks, if it is needed several times, you can automate it
using ibescript.exe commandline tool and the script function
ibec_extractmetadata). important: set also the options for maxfilesize
and seperate files.

the result is a set of script files, that will recreate your database.
it uses only sql statements used in the source database, but also has
the links to blob data inside the scripts (except ibexpert personal
edition, which has no blob support in scripts).

to recreate your database, just change the ibe$start.sql file and
change the connection string and the used client library to the fb db.
and execute the runmeall.sql file.

typically this operation is for sure slower than a regular
backup/restore, but customers reported this between 200-300 %
typically. 160GB should be possible in about one or two days,
depending on your structures and data.

if the are any problems, because ib75 naming conventions might have be
used, you might also change them as required with a search and replace
capable text editor before you restart the script.

some documentation can be found here

hope this helps

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