Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Disconnected User
Author Alan McDonald
> > as for license serving, if I were needing to limit users, I would
> > build my own (separate) license server for the purpose.
> > Alan
> Alan, you're right. That would be the most reliable solution. However,
> customers are already hesitant when it comes to installing the
> Firebird server, it would be even more difficult if we wanted to
> install a licence counting service/deamon.
> It would be quite easy to make, though ... hmmm ...
> Regards
> Stefan

the Firebird server is free - IME clients are shy until it's demonstrated
that FB is reliable - they're sold on free..
The license server is part of your application - nothing to do with FB. If
there is enough interest in your app for them to buy it, then they have to
have your licensing mechanism.