Subject Re: Disconnected User
Author Michael Vilhelmsen
--- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...> wrote:

Thx for the answer.

I didn't like it ;-)
But nice to see others with the same problem.

> Michael,
> you are talking about one of Firebird's major weaknesses here and I'm
> afraid there will not be a solution to your problem for Firebird
> 1.5.x. Shutting down the Service was the only solution back at
> InterBase 4 and it still is now.
> I also use the client connections to count licences and this really is
> not a solid solution (but the best one currently available). Your
> situation seems to be worse than mine, but I have also already got
> calls where we had to restart the Firebird Service in order to reset
> the licence counter.
> AFAIR the situation will improve with Firebird 2.1 (that's not the
> upcoming 2.0.1!), but I may be wrong.
> Best Regards
> Stefan
> > Hi
> > I have asked before, but never really gotten an answer that could
help me.
> > So here I go again.
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