Subject UDF not working
Author quludata
(using D7e and FB1.0.3.972)

Can you direct me to the place to find information on UDFs and this
version of FB? My problem is that some UDF's that worked with IB
6.0.2 don't work any more. My udf library is written in Delphi and is
originally based on FreeUDF.

For example f_LRtrim does not work. I know that the function is coded
into the dll because I code and compile the dll myself. The external
function is present in the database after having been declared. It's
is there amongst all the others, and bear in mind that some of the
other functions do work, even returning strings, so it is should not
be a parameter passing issue. So what is the problem?

this works: select f_Ltrim(lastname) from contacts
this does not work: select f_LRtrim(lastname) from contacts

this is the error message:
Error at line1 - invalid request BLR at offset 63
function F_LRTRIM is not defined
module name or entrypoint could not be found

Can you can help or send me to the place where I can read up about
this please.

Regards Q