Subject Re: [firebird-support] ODS 9
Author Lester Caine
Leyne, Sean wrote:
> Alexandre,
>>> As I recall ODS 9 was for the InterBase 5.6 release.
>>> So, I would be very surprised if FB 1.0 worked.
>> That's the point where I put a "not sure" before starting :-)
>> AFAIK FB provides access to the previous ODS format (an engine that
>> could read ODS 11 could read ODS10 too, i just derivate it to ODS 10
> to
>> ODS 9)
> If it were not for the fact that the FB sources started from the IB 6.0
> codebase...
> IB did not have the same "support the previous ODS outlook on things",
> and as I recall the beta release notes were clear about lack of support
> for ODS 9.
> Remember, that 6.0 included the new 64bit integer and time/date data
> types along with the whole concept of dialect..., so the fact that they
> wouldn't bother to support ODS 9 would not be a surprise...

As Helen says - No problem reading using Dialect 1 and I had no problem
with the IB5.6 sites also running FB1 until we could get round to
switching out the IB5.6 stuff. It was actually some time before we
switched to Dialect 3 because of the incompatibilities - we had 'DATE'
fields in every table if I remember right. So the only difficulty is
that some field names may have to change later.

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