Subject Re: Mac OS X - Firebird-CS-2.0.pkg - how to start?
Author David Savill
OSX has a built in firewall, if its on you need to allow 3050 before anything.

After that, some ideas for you...
In the Linux world xinetd controls Classic Server, same for OSX I belive.

Check that there is an entry for firebird in /etc/xinetd.conf

As I understand it, you start an xinetd service in OSX by using something like /sbin/
service firebird start. Although a restart should do this.

Hope that can point you in the right direction.


--- In, Petr Fischer <petr.fischer@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed Firebird CS 2.0 from:
> but port 3050 is still closed.
> Any suggestions? Is there a SuperServer package for Mac OS X
> (Firebird 2.0)?
> Is Mac OS X platform really still supported?
> platform: Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.8)
> Thanks, pf