Subject Installing Firebird 2 on Linux (Suse 9.3)
Author Jonathan Neve
Hi all,

I'm having trouble installing Firebird 2 on a brand new Suse Linux 9.3
server. I feel like I must be missing something obvious, and I don't
think I've installed on Linux since IB 6, so I may be well doing so.

I installed the rpm (old-threading model), without any problem, and it
successfully launched firebird (I could see fbguard and fbserver in
the process list). However, I'm unable to connect to the server at
all, whether locally (with isql) or from across the network; it simply
times out and says it can't find the server. So I tried to run "fb_mgr
-shut" to shutdown the server, thinking that perhaps it needed to be
restarted. This didn't work however, but gave a weird error message
involving clumplets and such like, only to eventually admit that it
was merely unable to attach to the database.

So, figuring that perhaps I was supposed to use the NPTL version
(since it's a recent kernel, which ought to handle that), I downloaded
it, and installed it (I couldn't get the rpm to uninstall cleanly, so
I had to get rid of the main stuff by hand, and then used rpm -i
--replacepkgs for installing the NPTL version). This however, doesn't
seem to have helped.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,
Jonathan Neve.