Subject Report Manager hanging with FB 2.0 embedded
Author Werner F. Bruhin
Hi all,

I have a client who has a problem that when he tries to print the
reports hang on the first page.

The application worked for month until he had some kind of crash, and
since he got the machine running again he has this hanging problem.

My application works fine, with the exception that reports hang.

Application is written in Python, wxPython and uses kinterbasdb to
connect to Firebird and Report Manager uses "Borland dbExpress INTERBASE
driver" to connect.

The application runs on a Pentium D 840.

Does one have to set the "CpuAffinityMask" setting in firebird.conf for
a Pentium D with FB Embedded? Are there any other settings I should
worry about?

I know it is not a lot of detail but would appreciate any hints/tips on
how to solve this.