Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Calling gsec from a Delphi app
Author Stefan Heymann
You can pass GSEC all parameters at once so you don't have to enter
interactive mode.


To modify a user's password:

Change password of ELVIS to "MyKey37":
gsec -user SYSDBA -password masterkey -modify elvis -pw MyKey37

This is one call and GSEC will return after that without entering its
interactive mode.

You can get more info about GSEC here:

You don't need any DB components for calling that, just a simple
WinExec or ShellExecute.

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> Maybe this is easier than expected, I have not yet tried, but calling
> gsec is not only invoking a program with params, it is calling gsec
> with input params (sysdba user and password) and then calling the
> modify function with new params (i.e username, changed password).

> As for the components I use DBExpress for data access and would
> prefer not to involve new component suites, like IBObjects.